Get The Facts About Vegetarian Diets

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And a lacto-ovo vegetarian consumes both dairy products and eggs as well as the standard vegan foods. Don’t Be Deficient Diets that include animal products are generally nutritionally complete. Vegans, on the other hand, often fall short of meeting requirements for vitamin B-12, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and iron. The good news is that many of these nutrients are added to food products.
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Vegetarian Diets Promoted for Farmed Fish

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In many cases, it can take three pounds of wild fish to grow one pound of farmed fish. By 2030 nearly two-thirds of seafood worldwide will be farm-raised, according to a World Bank report. The US Department of Agriculturehas spent the past ten years researching alternative diets that include plants, animal processing products and single-cell organisms like yeast, bacteria, and algae. The USDA has proven that eight species of carnivorous fish white sea bass, walleye, rainbow trout, cobia, arctic char, yellowtail, Atlantic salmon and coho salmoncan get enough nutrients from these alternative sources without eating other fish.
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